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Coca Cola And Pepsi Are Used As Pesticide In India Because They Get The Job Done And Plus They Are Cheap!


Alok Prasad Putul, writes that farmers in India use Coca-Cola and Pepsi as cheaper alternative to pesticides. So, besides that they are poisonous for our metabolisms, they also have another function in India. Interesting, huh?

CSE (Center for Science and Environment), is one of the leading voluntary agencies in India that said that the soft drinks that are manufactured in India contain unacceptably high levels of pesticide residues. In that way numerous farmers used the drinks to eliminate pests.

It’s easier and cheaper to buy Coke in some 3rd world countries than to get clean water. Coca-Cola uses public relations propaganda to convince the buyers that it’s an environmental company when it’s closely linked to disease, water shortages and pollution.

The Coke has been tested in numerous cleaning scenarios and it can be compared to brands to clean oil stains, strip paint and tile grout. The CSE, in 2003 analyzed samples from twelve soft-drink manufacturers and found that all of them contain residues of four toxic insecticides and pesticides. The names of them are: chlorpyrifos, malathion, DDT and lindane.

According to the study, the chlorpyrifos levels were 42 times higher than the norms of EEC. The Malathion was 87 times higher and the lindane that is banned in the US was 21 times higher.

They claim that each sample is toxic than can cause long-term cancer, severe disruption of the immune system, birth defects and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems. Pepsi and Coca- Cola had almost the similar pesticide concentration in the study findings. Contaminants in samples of Coca-Cola were 45 times higher than the EEC limit and the Pepsi samples exceeded 37 times higher.

The Indian subsidiaries chiefs of Pepsi and Coca-Cola negate the charges. The president of Coca-Cola in India, S. Gupta called the CSE revelations unfair and that his company was subjected to a trial by media.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi disagree tha


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