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Obama’s new ‘race’ category: The Trojan Horse that would turn the United States into Syria


I posted on this gambit of Obama’s on Saturday, but didn’t say much about it at the time.  I won’t go into a terribly extended discussion here either.  But I do want to make sure people are thinking hard and clearly about this appalling move.  It has a unique power to destroy America: a diabolically insidious power nothing else has had.

I’ll start by simply copying here some thoughts I composed for email correspondents.

It’s an invidious political move, which is why it was slipped quietly into the Federal Register as a proposed regulatory change, just before the weekend.  As usual.

The original demand of Syrians was to not be classified by the political narrative of the time about what Asia is.  Syrians in fact ARE “white,” in racial terms – unlike Chinese.  Syrians are Caucasians.  The geopolitical perception of an older era actually obscured that reality about the Syrians, by setting them in the Near East: part of an alien Asia divided into Near East and Far East.

But no one thinks of Syria as part of an Asian “Near East” anymore.  In fact, outside of wonks at the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom, no one thinks of Syria (or Saudi Arabia, etc.) as being in “Asia” at all.  That area is all imagined today as the “Middle East.”

And the politics of race have shifted too.  In the current political narrative of race, Caucasian is equated so firmly with “white European” that college kids are aghast at the idea of non-Europeans being “Caucasians.”

Yet in reality, Asia, including Southwest Asia, and North Africa have Caucasians of varying pigmentation all over them.  Beyond the Arabs; India, Pakistan, Iran – all absolutely stuffed with Caucasians.  Ancient, indigenous non-Arab peoples in Iraq, the Levant, and across North Africa (even the Horn of Africa).  The Caucasus itself, of course, is IN Asia.

Politics has divided “Caucasians” to a greater extent than it has the other major gene groups.  The Caucasian world, all by itself, IS


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