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VIenna: ‘Allah Akbar’ Car Ram-Raid Copycat Attack


VIENNA, Austria — A Turkish Muslim with known terror connections reportedly attempted to recreate last year’s car attack in Graz (pictured above) in an action that occurred just hours after a court found the Bosnian perpetrator guilty of those killings.

Last year a Bosnian Muslim male killed four people in the Austrian city of Graz, using his car to mount the pavements and run down pedestrians at high speeds. The trial for Alen Rizvanović, who lied about not being Muslim, ended in court this week with the attacker being found guilty of multiple murders. One of his victims was just four years old.

The day the verdict was read in court a Turkish Muslim in Vienna attempted to recreate the killing in a migrant-heavy district, while shouting of “Allah U Ackbar” reports Kronen Zeitung. 

The attack took place on Quellenstraße at around 11am in the morning and saw the 21-year-old Turk use his car as a weapon in an attempt to run over as many pedestrians as he could. The method is similar in character to recent events such as the Graz attack in June of 2015 and the Nice attack earlier this year which saw 86 people murdered by a 31-year-old Tunisian migrant.

According to witnesses, the man yelled “Allah U Ackbar” as he attempted to cause harm to the pedestrians on the busy street. Fortunately pedestrians were able to jump out of the way of the speeding vehicle and no one was injured by the man who then fled the scene.

Police were called and were able to catch up to the attacker who was promptly arrested and is reported to have screamed “Allah U Ackbar” once again as he was being detained by authorities.

Austrian domestic intelligence were able to confirm that the man had known links to terrorist organizations though did not go into detail on if he had contact with a group like the Islamic state who have often


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