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DOD Releases New “Handbook” For Accommodating Transgender Service Members


A “handbook” for transgender military service members and their immediate commanders has been released by the Department of Defense, and some of the recommendations are disturbing.

The handbook starts out by defining terms like “gender dysphoria,” which is (still, so far) a mental condition for individuals who feel their sex and gender don’t match. It then states that all people have a right to “have their gender identity recognized and respected, and all Service members who receive a diagnosis that gender transition is medically necessary will be provided with support and management to transition, within the bounds of military readiness.”

The handbook advises a soldier, sailor or airman (airperson? airhuman?) first to communicate their intent with their unit either by letter or in person, keeping in mind the consequences that “such a decision might have on his or her career,” The Weekly Standard is reporting.

One of the most amazing recommendations, however, deals with the sharing of shower facilities.

They list several scenarios for commanders and services members to visualize and what to do about them. Scenario 11 is titled: Use of Shower Facilities:

A transgender Service member has expressed privacy concerns regarding the open bay shower configuration. Similarly, several other non-transgender Service members have expressed discomfort when showering in these facilities with individuals who have different genitalia.

In response to this concern, the service member in question is given only one option, really: “altering shower hours.”

But the commanders’ recommendations include


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