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Dr Steve Pieczenik “Hillary Clinton Not Only a Pathological Liar….also has Borderline Personality Disorder”


By Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

The rise of left-wing fascism starts with one of her lies then another lie. Compounded! lie after lie, until the entire narrative is so false that neither the storyteller nor the words appear real. Hillary Clinton and her entourage have entered the zone of fascismwhere the lie is the truth and the truth, be it medical or otherwise, is completely suppressed by the state, media and political operatives identified as ‘liberals’.

In the early 1970’s, I had to study the works of Jurgen Habermas,a neo-Marxist philosopher of the Frankfurt School. He termed the rise of suppression of free speech by the state and it’s ancillary branches within the collective media as ‘left-wing fascism’. 

Recently, Dr. Drew Pinsky MD confirmed what I had said on a radio show: Hillary Clinton was sick, both physically/mentally. Her constant chronic coughing spasms, falling episodes as well as seizure activities were a focus of Dr Drew’s broadcast after which he was immediately taken off the FCC-controlled TV station [CNN]. I then realized that I was witnessing the rise of left wing fascism under the Obama, and his cohorts, the Clinton/Bush families.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I had to fight/neutralize the left-wing terrorist groups like the Red Brigade,PLO,PFLP, all espousing strong elements of neo-Marxism; as well as, utilizing terrorism to destabilize the state. In the case of Hillary, the evidence was quite compelling that she would brook no element of the truth, be it throughout her experiences with the FBI, State Dept., White House, military, or any other branch of our national security apparatus.

She and her husband had co-opted any form of conventional dissent in America by labeling it falsely


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