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ISIS prepares for ‘apocalyptic showdown of Muslim and Christian armies’ in Syrian town of Dabiq

US-backed Syrian rebels say they are within 48 hours of reaching the Isil-held town of Dabiq, which is regarded by the jihadists as the preordained site of the final apocalyptic battle between Muslims and Christians. 

American, Turkish and opposition forces are approaching the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s northern stronghold, which the militants believe will be the battle that sparks the end of the world.


Prophet Muhammad foretold 1,400 years ago “the last hour will not come” until an Islamic army defeated “the Romans”, there. The extremist group’s modern reading posits the Crusaders – the invading Americans and their allies – as the Romans.

Although Dabiq, a town in relatively flat countryside northeast of Aleppo and close to the Turkish border, holds little strategic value, Isil is expected to defend it fiercely


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