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Warning: Syrian Muslim Refugees Spreading ‘Flesh Eating Disease’ Around The Country [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Bare Naked Islam Muslims are carrying long-eradicated diseases when they enter Europe and America, which is putting their citizens at risk and their healthcare systems under extreme stress and monumental expense. Even worse, Hillary Clinton wants to bring in five times more Syrian migrants than even Obama has proposed.


Breitbart  (h/t Emma) As well as bringing a rising tide of crime and attitudes towards women that many consider incompatible with modern European values, the over one and a half million migrants who flowed into Germany last year have also brought unheard-of and rare strains of diseases to the continent. The new arrivals and their illnesses are putting pressure on the German health care system, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Largely missing from news media coverage is that the same news-making scientific report warned the ongoing violence in Syria has “created a setting in which we have seen the re-emergence of polio and measles, as well as tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and other infections in Syria and among displaced Syrian refugees.”

German doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to diagnose diseases that have been wiped out


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