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WATCH – Viral Video Exposes Hillary’s Email Lies – She Will LOSE If People See This


Once again, the Donald Trump campaign has outdone itself. The latest video offering shares with We the People a round-up of Hillary Clinton’s top ten email lies – all in one place! A proven liar with lax moral character should never have the opportunity to be elected to serve in the highest office in the land.

Hillary Clinton had absolutely no qualms about lying to the American public for years.

Maybe that’s because she believes the vast majority of us are either an irredeemable basket of deplorables or live in our parents’ basement Googling how to get more “free stuff.”

The slick career politician did tell the truth—at least a little bit…for a few hours.

When she sat behind closed doors with the FBI in an unrecorded “interview” on a holiday weekend, she told a tale that completely contradicted her public statements about the email scandal in order to avoid handcuffs.

No one with an ounce of common sense in their head, patriotism in their heart, or who was raised to value honesty and integrity could ever cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton.

Based upon her very own statements, Hillary is either an outright liar or an inept idiot.

During the private and secluded conversation with the FBI, Clinton claimed she had no idea the “C” marking next to some paragraphs in emails she was reading could have possibly been an indication the material was classified as confidential, sensitive, or top secret.

She seriously thinks the American voter is stupid enough to believe she thought the “C” was some type of alphabetical


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