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44 Afghan Troops Training on U.S. Military Bases Go Mysteriously Missing


Jihadis on the loose, trained by the US military.

Where are they? That’s the big question and mystery surrounding 44 members of the Afghanistan military who’ve been training on U.S. soil, at U.S. military bases, but who’ve now gone missing.

As Fox News puts it:

“Nearly four dozen Afghan troops training in the U.S. have reportedly vanished in less than two years.”

Since September alone, eight Afghan troops have gone missing, Reuters reported.

The disturbing news from the Pentagon is that the soldiers – in all, 44 of them – are presumed to have disappeared into America’s job market to live and work as illegal citizens. But presumed is the key word; in other words, nobody really knows.

Reuters reports:

“A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that the frequency of Afghan troops disappearing from military training was truly concerning and ‘out of the ordinary.’ Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said that eight Afghan troops have left bases without permission.

“‘The Defense Department is assessing ways to strengthen eligibility criteria for training in ways that will reduce the likelihood of an individual Afghan willingly absconding from training in the U.S. and going AWOL,’ Stump said.”

The Afghans training on U.S. bases are supposedly vetted to make sure their pasts don’t include ties to terrorism or to radicalize groups in the Middle East. And Stump also said no evidence exists to indicate the disappeared troops



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