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BREAKING: HILLARY CAUGHT Using Teen Actor Whose Father Is A Rabid Hillary Supporter To Trash Trump During PA Townhall [VIDEO]


Our first female candidate for President is so crooked and dirty that she actually used a teenage girl actress to stage a question designed to trash Trump at her Haverford, PA Townhall. What kind of woman would be okay with a young girl lying in front of an entire crowd of people for the sole purpose of making herself look good? Guess what Hillary? Asking young teenage girls to lie for you doesn’t look so good…

Brennan’s father is Daylin Leach a left-wing member of the PA House, who happened to mention how offended he was by Trump’s alleged “fat pig” comment in his Facebook post below.

The Youtube Spanglevision owner did amazing investigative work to prove his case. From his Youtube video: Hillary has no shame; she used a 15 year old child actor (Brennan Leach) to further her anti-Trump narrative. What kind of role model is Hillary for women teaching teenage girls that cheating is an acceptable form of winning?

Here is Brenna’s father, Daylin Leach discussing his support for Hillary Clinton on his Facebook page, as well as his disdain for Donald Trump. Hmmmm….I wonder who helped her to format that question?

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