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BREAKING: ISIS Calls For KNIFE ATTACKS Against Civilians in Western Countries


Trying to sow the seeds of chaos, the Islamic State is encouraging its members, followers and “lone wolves” to stage knife attacks in typically ordinary locations.

In the ISIS propaganda magazine Rumiyah, released online, they try to convince their adherents to get of any squeamishness over using knives and other sharp objects to stage attacks, saying they are easily and “widely available” weapons useful for nighttime stabbing campaigns, PJMedia is reporting.

It is the second issue of the monthly “web-zine.” In their “premier” issue, they advised jihadists to target children playing sports after school or even “flower sellers” with carts on street corners.

In the new PDF issue distributed widely via social media and Google Drive, an article on terror tactics assures would-be jihadists that “one need not be a military expert or a martial arts master, or even own a gun or rifle in order to carry out a massacre or to kill and injure several disbelievers and terrorize an entire nation.”

As a footnote to the article, ISIS said they’re no longer going to use the term “lone wolf” to describe their operatives who work independently, instead they’ll call them “just terror operations,” with “just” being an abbreviated form of “justice.”

Telling the reader that the pro-knife-attack article will only be the first in a series, the Islamic State focuses on “the benefits of knives to help potential terrorists


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