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Christian Family Wouldn’t Convert, so Muslims Raped Their Daughter


A group of Muslim men in Pakistan stormed the home of a Christian family, tied them up, beat them and demanded they convert to Islam.

And when they refused?

The Muslims took the family’s youngest daughter, abducted her, then raped her. As Christian Post reported, the girl has yet to be returned to her family.

From the Christian Post:

“The London-based charity British Pakistani Christian Association has come to the aid of the Masih family, a family of 10 Christians caught in the grips of bonded labor (modern day slavery) near the city of Kasur in Eastern Pakistan.

“According to BPCA, the family lived in a small home made of mud and had been constantly pressured by local Muslims to convert to Islam, as they were the only family in the neighborhood who hadn’t embraced Islam.”

They didn’t. So the Muslims in the community took matters into their own hands.

Christian Post continues:

“On the night of Sept. 15, a group of six Muslim men and a Muslim woman stormed the family’s home with guns, sticks and metal rods and severely beat members of the Christian family.

“The group of intruders hoped that the family’s pain and suffering would cause them to reconsider their prior refusals



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