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Muslim Store Owner Busted Stealing $1.2 Million In Food Stamp Funds Just Got DESTROYED by Judge

Anne (R), a French Muslim woman fined for driving while wearing a full-face veil, answers journalists' questions near her companion (L) on April 23, 2010 in Nantes, western France. Police stopped the woman and fined her 22 euros (29 dollars) on the grounds that her niqab -- an Islamic veil with a slit for the eyes -- restricted her view so she could not drive safely. Her lawyer accused police of abusing her human rights, as the government pushes to ban the garment, despite a warning from state judicial experts that such a law could be unconstitutional. AFP PHOTO ALAIN JOCARD (Photo credit should read ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images)


Yesterday I reported on a girl who continues to say ‘F**k you America’ because her family keeps getting caught for welfare fraud. The pictures below are first of her flipping off the camera in the courthouse at her father’s hearing for committing welfare fraud (with mom- what a sweetheart).

The second picture is her unloading grocery carts of drinks she just purchased using someone else’s EBT cards. This Muslim immigrant family didn’t learn their lesson after her illegal father was caught using Welfare money to buy products for his Deli. He’s now facing welfare fraud charges for illegally scamming EBT/Food Stamp Cards. The scheme was that he would pay someone for half


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