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Students Replace ‘Under God’ With ‘Under Allah’ In Pledge


Students and teachers at Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado got quite the surprise when during the Pledge of Allegiance recited over the loudspeaker, they heard “one nation under Allah” rather than “one nation under God.”

The Pledge of Allegiance is read every Monday at the high school. A member of the Cultural Arms Club decided to replace the word.

Principal Tom Lopez has since gotten numerous complaints from angry parents, who believe that using “Allah” to replace “God” is unpatriotic.

Lopez, however, is standing by his decision.

“These students love this country,” he said, “They were note being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.”

Danielle Clark, the communications director for the school district commented as well, “We understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice. We’ve heard there are some who are upset.”

She defends the Arabic reading by pointing out that the Arms Club has a known history for reading the Pledge in different languages—like French and Spanish.

Most students at Rocky Mountain High are defending their classmates, pointing to the motto of the


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