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WATCH: Trump Campaign Manager Goes On ‘The View,’ Drops Women Truth Bomb They HATED


There is a lot of pressure from today’s so-called feminists towards women to vote for Hillary Clinton. Why? Because she’s a woman, and having the first woman president is all that matters… regardless of how she may actually treat women. She’s been described as the candidate that best represents women, even though she has a history of treating women horribly.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway — a woman — appeared on “The View”, where she talked about Donald Trump’s real record with women. “I can tell you the thing about Donald Trump that I hope you would all give credence to is he is surrounded by strong women,” she reminded them. “He has employed thousands and thousands of women over the years.”

Trump has a long history of hiring women and placing them in executive positions. And while he has a reputation for being a misogynist, women who have worked for him report having had pleasant experiences. Sarah Malone, for example, is the executive vice president of the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland. “Unlike many employers, women are given equal status in the business,” Malone is said to have written in an email.

“I report directly to Trump. He is tough, but he’s a great motivator and empowers his team to get results.” A Washington


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