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‘You have NO right to be here!’ Hijab-wearing Muslim student delivers scathing rant

A SHOCKING fight broke out when a Muslim student, wearing a hijab, screamed at the man because his shirt “demonised Muslims”.


The video sees the enraged hijab-wearing Muslim woman unleash a rant at the man who is told to “f*** off”.

She screams at him: “You have no right to be here!”

The Muslim student took issue with the man for wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt on a university campus.

Ms Hanson is the populist leader of the Australian right-wing One Nation party, which advocates for an end to all Muslim immigration.

She also claims “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims”.

The angry woman in the video accuses the man of being a “fascist” for wearing the shirt in public.

In the footage, the woman unleashes a scathing attack on the man but it remains unclear if the man had provoked her before the recording began at Curtin University in Perth.

The woman is filmed furiously


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