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Brother is tortured and forced to listen to sister being gang-raped after being kidnapped by Pakistani Muslim gang and refusing to convert from Christianity

  • Muslim gang targeted the family home of a Christian family in Pakistan 
  • They kidnapped a brother and a sister after they refused to covert to Islam
  • The brother Arif was then tortured and the sister Jameela was gang raped
  • Arif managed to escape and return to his family but Jameela is still missing 


A brother has been tortured and forced to listen to his 17-year-old sister being gang-raped after they were kidnapped by a Muslim gang in Pakistan after refusing to convert from Christianity.

The British Pakistani Christian Association say they have been assisting the family in Kasur in the east of the country following their ordeal.

According to the charity, the Muslim gang targeted the family home, which was a mud house in a small village, knowing that they were Christian and threatened them with guns, sticks and metal poles.


The gang told them to convert to Islam or die but the family refused and said they were staying resolute to Christianity.

The men then tied up and blindfolded all but two of the family 20-year-old Arif and 17-year-old Jameela and took them to a n unknown building.

There, Arif was tortured and then had to listen as his sister was gang raped in a separate room.

The next morning he managed to escape and return to his family, who had escaped their shackles.

But his sister Jameela was left behind and she remains missing.

According to the charity, local police have refused to investigate the case and the family are deeply traumatised.

Wilson Chowdry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association said: ‘We will now begin the arduous task of helping them rebuild their lives in an atmosphere of safety.

‘However, the captured daughter Jameela may


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