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My son was conceived through rape, but I refused abortion because his life is innocent


(Save the 1) This morning, I stepped out for ten minutes to run some errands since my little bundle of joy Ellis had fallen asleep.  As I returned, I heard a cry.  He had woken up as soon as I stepped out. I asked the woman helping me if my baby was awake.  When he heard my voice, immediately, Ellis kept quiet, smiled and started to move his little head to try to locate me. I was moved to tears.

When I was pregnant, many people gave me a lot of pressure to eliminate this little prince. Why? Because some very wicked man who was obsessed with me since 2012 decided to rape me. Apparently, he thought if he couldn’t marry me, then maybe he would just take me and ruin my future. Well at the beginning, yes, he seemed to have succeeded.

I am a Christian, raised in a Christian family. Therefore, I was to marry a Christian man. I also worked for a Christian organization so any man who came my way and was not a Christian was a no-go zone. That was the reason I turned down the marriage proposal of this man.

I met this man near my home, and he quickly started pursuing me and pressuring me to marry him. He was a doctor and claimed he was working for Johns Hopkins hospital. He promised he would do anything for me. All this did not matter to me because my upbringing taught me never to trust men who didn’t love Christ. I turned him down, but to him, it was like I had asked him to keep disturbing me. He even asked if I would at least go take a cup of tea with him. Well I did meet him for a cup of tea a few times, but near my home so that I could easily return home in case of anything.

I think it was from the few meetings that this man mastered what I drank, because I always liked a Coke. Then on the 13th of May, 2015 at 6 p.m., I received a call from the same man — having not heard from him for several months — and he was asking to talk to me.  I gave an excuse of being busy, but he soon announced that he was outside of my house. Of course I couldn’t have him enter my house since I was home alone. I went outside to talk to him and he quickly suggested we drive to a nearby eating place so we could talk.  He seemed friendly and pleasant about it, so I did not object to what seemed harmless. Little did I know that the man had already worked out a plan to rape me.

When we got to the eating place, I asked for the usual Coke and I was served while he asked for a Fanta. I can’t explain entirely, but I started to feel hot and sleepy, and the next time I woke up, I was in this wicked man’s car with no panties, very weak, dizzy and in pain. It was obvious to me I’d been raped.  He in turn was all smiles. I was horrified and so angry, but it was too late. The fool just drove off, and that was the last time I ever set my eyes on him. When I reported the matter to the police, I was assured they would arrest him. To date, I have never got any positive news on an investigation or an arrest.

On the other hand, having run tests for HIV and pregnancy, I was free from the HIV virus — thank God, but I was positive to pregnancy. At that time, everyone had strong reasoning for me to carry out an abortion. First, my friends and family all knew it was a rape, and it was early so all I had to do was take a tablet. I was quickly reminded how I was a Christian and so the whole world would judge me for getting pregnant before marriage – regardless of being raped. I lost my job, plus all of my savings worth 10,000 dollars because the organization could not stain their image by having a staff


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