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Taliban ‘True Men’ Video: West Using Superman, James Bond to Conquer Islam


A new training video from the Taliban bemoans the danger of cartoons, Superman and James Bond turning Afghan Muslims into American “sheep,” and warns the West that their jihad will extend to “your homes, your capitals, your countries.”

The “brilliant” video, in the words of the Taliban press release, was produced in Dari and English by Manba ul Jihad Studio, called a multimedia wing of the Taliban’s “Cultural Commission.”

“Enemies of Islam, Jews and Christians, NATO, the stooge governments in the Muslim lands… they have become depressed and exhausted and are faced with humiliation and troubles,” the narrator states. Even though the video was produced last month, footage shows Pope Benedict XVI when mentioning Christians.

The training camp, in a small valley surrounded by scrub-brush-covered hills, has a few dozen jihadists going through light weapons and hand-to-hand combat drills. The title of the video: “True Men.”

“Training means preparing Muslims to fight the disbelievers,” the narrator states. “It involves intellectual and physical preparations, understanding of war and military drills.”

“Enemies of Islam use billions of dollars, use TV channels, radio, Internet, magazines, gazettes, educational curriculums, dramas, theaters, films, introduces sports centers, establishes groups for music and dancing, promotes love affairs, alcohol, free-mixing, homosexuality and immorality,” the narrator adds, with the video showing a shelf full of Bailey’s Irish Cream for $13.49 as alcohol is mentioned.

The video showed clips of happy, modern Afghan youth at various social and sporting events and accused the government of steering them away from Islam, “trying to trap the Muslim youth in the dangers of immorality and futile activities” thus putting Muslims “under the subjugation of the invaders.”

The Taliban announcer said


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