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14 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

On the site of The American Institute for Cancer there is a state in which they claim that most of the cancers can be avoided. Researchers speculated that 60 % -70% of tumors are preventable through accessible data and changes in eating regime, and of course way of life.
Because of this empowering explanation, in this article we will point foods that are cancer-causing and should be avoided.


1. Sugar

All individuals who are battling with cancer, must eliminate consumption of sugar. Cancer cells progress in sugar environment and in environments that modifies over to sugar, like pastas, grains, bread, carbs, etc. The best alternative in these cases is to have balanced eating routine with organic products.

2. Non-organic fruit and vegetables

Non-organic vegetables and fruits are developed with GMO seeds, herbicides and pesticides. All of these are highly dangerous for our health.

3. Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils, known also as trans-fats are man-made product. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the trans -fats are connected to stoke and diabetes, coronary illness, and other endless infections.
The synthetic structure of the trans-fats are adjusted with a goal to expand their time frame of life and to keep the item without going rancid. Chemicals are used to mask the smell and to change the essence.

4. Processed foods

The cured meats are full with nitrites and nitrates which are additives that puts your stomach in danger of different tumors. Prepared foods are filled with colors, sugar, oils, flavorings, white flours and other ingredients that are unhealthy.

5. Soy protein isolate

The American Dietetic Association directs that soy protein isolates consist of anti-nutrient that delays the capacity of the body


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