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Muslim Brotherhood calls for all Muslims to boycott Christian businesses in the West


Ayat Oraby, a prominent New York based Muslim Brotherhood activist, has openly called for Christians in Egypt to be subjugated to Muslims and for all Muslims to boycott businesses owned by Christians.

At the end of September, she placed a speech on her Facebook page, where she has anestimated 1.5 million followers and Oraby stated, “As you can see the title of today’s episode is ‘Boycott the Christians economically’”.

In her talk, she railed against the government of Egyptian President al-Sisi, calling him “an apostate”, which means she is designating him as someone who according to shari’a should be killed.

She claimed that the only reason that anyone in the USA supported him was because of their “subordination” to the Coptic Church, which she described as “a gang” and a “mafia,” alleging that the church rules Egypt “from behind the scenes.” She then goes on to promote a further anti-Christian conspiracy



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