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Hurricane Hillary’s Path Of Destruction – Look What These Former FBI Agents Just Disclosed

“Its reputation will suffer for a long time …”


When the history of the 2016 election campaign is being written, one man is going to have a lot to answer for.

That man is FBI Director James Comey. With his reputation for straight-shooting non-partisanship, all-business demeanor and choir boy good looks, Comey has done more to salvage Hillary Clinton’s possible return to the White House than any man in American politics, including former President Clinton and President Barack Obama.

And former FBI supervisors, speaking on the record, are going public to make the case that the FBI director has squandered his reputation and sullied the bureau itself…and needs to go.

There’s no telling for now what behind-the-scenes pressures brought Comey to the astonishing decision he announced in July that he would not recommend criminal charges against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, her party’s nominee for the presidency. But future historians are going to find it.

His own explanation — that Clinton’s behavior did not rise to the level of criminal intent — fell apart under questioning by Republicans in Congress.

A withering cross-examination by Rep. Trey Gowdy in July revealed Clinton to be a liar, and Comey her protector. A second go-around between the two men in September drove the point home. 

Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor with extensive experience building cases with FBI agents, summed up that exchange sadly.

“That is not the FBI that I used to work with,” he said.

Recent revelations only serve to


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