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POW! After Liberals Release Trump Recording, We Unearthed THIS Obama FOOTAGE…IT’S A MUST SEE!


The fitting leak of a harmful audio recording from 2005, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is heard saying inappropriate remarks about women, has shaken the political scene, but it’s not like those who criticize him didn’t do something similar in their past.

VIA National Insider Politics

Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton stuck cigars up women’s vaginas, got oral sex from White House interns, took numerous trips to Pedophile Island and raped several women- no one seems to care about any of that or the fact that Hillary covered for him, going as far as to intimidate and bully his victims. 

VIA americasfreedomfighters

Well, how about Obama? Would people care if Hussein made lewd comments about women? Probably not but we do.

So we dug up this footage of Obama at the Cambridge library during the launching of his first book ‘Dreams From My Father’ from 1995. Behind him is young Michelle Obama.

Barack Obama states, “Gotta have them ribs and p*ssy too!”

Everyone has their past and these people’s past is nothing better than Trump’s but they feel they have the right to pass judgment on the GOP candidate. Typical hypocrisy!

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