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Prankster TV reporter Pranks Clinton Supporters Reporting She’s ‘Dropped Out’…Reactions Are PRICELESS!

An actor posing as a broadcast journalist taking to the streets, fooled New Yorkers into believing that Hillary Clintons campaign had come to an end, that she had dropped out of the presidential race after being diagnosed with mosquito carried ‘Zika’ in a hilarious prank.


With his fake camera crew, actor Tyler Fischer assumed the role a reporter for BBC America, revealing to the public the breaking ‘news’ that Hillary deathly sick, and that her opponent Donald Trump would ‘most likely be the next president of the United States’.

The New York based funnyman received motley reactions from the public – all of which ranged from cheering to being utterly depressed, gloomy and of course, the one or two conspiracy theories, while two people went as far as to exclaim that they would be committing suicide because of it – a joke I’m sure. If America can’t get rid of the numerous Hollywood boobs that ‘threaten’ to leave the US ‘if’…fill in the blank…these guys ain’t doing squat.

Tyler dressed in his fancy attire, becoming of a real journalist…and scanned out different areas on the streets of New York with a ‘BBC America’ microphone. As Tyler started to deliver his ‘report’, appalled crowds gathered around him and he also approached people on the streets to fish for some reactions.

At one point, Tyler incorrectly accused the Democrat presidential candidate of having an affair with the sleepy talking Ben Carson, and ‘sexting with Anthony Weiner’.

Wow. That’s two of the most disturbing images this election cycle…or any cycle. This prank video has been seen more than 180,000 times since Tyler


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