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Federal Judge Tells Obama Where To Shove His Voter ID Tyranny, And Instantly Becomes America’s Hero!


Wow wait to see what this judge did to Obama, he is our hero of the day!

We are sure you will think the same after you read this story.

According to Viral Liberty:
“Voter ID has, for some reason, become a contentious political issue within the last few years. While it seems like common sense to make sure that a person is a legal citizen before allowing them to vote in an election, Democrats have taken offense to the idea. (Perhaps because they enjoy the votes of ineligible voters?)

From The Federalist Papers:

Good news for Americans who aren’t fans of fraud.

In a tongue-in-cheek ruling that mocked Obamacare, a federal judge said that requiring voters to show identification at the polls is perfectly constitutional.

D.C. Circuit Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that while it may be “inconvenient” to require proof of citizenship – and it may be a bit harder to get people to register to vote – it’s not “insurmountable” and it’s certainly harder than explaining ObamaCare, The Washington Times reports.

“The organizational plaintiffs and their members will undoubtedly have to expend some additional time and effort to help individuals,” Judge Leon wrote. “But let’s be candid: doing



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