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ISIS sending serial killers to western country in latest campaign of terror


ISIS is now encouraging their followers to start a new terror campaign in the U.S. and Europe.

Specifically, ISIS is calling for “frequent and random” knife attacks, and recent ISIS propaganda offers twisted advice to followers on how to carry out such attacks and why it might work.

ISIS claims such attacks are beneficial because knives can be quickly and easily disposed of, bought anew, and used again to carry out rapidly repeatable attacks.

Articles in ISIS’s propaganda magazine “Rumiyah” argue that knife attacks would be productive because a mass number of attacks could occur before the perpetrator is caught.

Knives are more difficult to trace than guns. Oh, and there’s very little worry about “knife control” in the United States and Europe.

The Sun is reporting:

ISIS chiefs believe random serial killer-style stabbings are almost impossible for security services to detect compared to shootings and bombings, which require coordination and specialist equipment.

Commanders suggest a “campaign of knife


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