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AMAZING: Drink Water on Empty Stomach Immediately after Waking up – HERE’S WHY!


In Japan people drink water every morning after waking up. Scientists have shown that this ritual is very healthy, because water on empty stomach stimulates our metabolism and boost our digestion.

Methods of treatment:

Every morning before you brush your teeth drink 4 times per 160ml of water.

Wash your teeth, but don’t eat and drink anything the next 2 hours. After that eat your breakfast and again wait 2 hours till you drink something.

If you can’t start this treatment with 4 glasses of water try with 2 and then increase the dose.

This method will help you to cure a lot of diseases and will boost your immune system. Don’t think twice try it immediately!

How many days you need to do this treatment:

30 days for High blood pressure

10 days for Gastritis

30 days for Diabetes

10 days for


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