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BREAKING: Germany’s ‘Refugee’ Catasrophe Is A Complete Setup – Leaked Plan Shows We’re Next


It could never happen here, right? Unlike Africa, unlike the Middle East, unlike Europe, America is “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” right?

Not so fast.

The life-or-death question facing us is this: Is America the land of the free and the home of the brave or the land of lawlessness and the home of illegals? Most of our leaders ignore or deny this, but the fact is, there is a massive, international plan to import millions of African and Middle Eastern refugees into this country. I call it the Globalist Demographic Assault (GDA).

We all know that, on an abstract level, but have you ever really thought about what a demographic flood like that would mean–what it would like in your city, in your children’s schools, in your own neighborhood? Is the GDA just “a vast right-wing conspiracy”?

The good news is, we have an easy way of visualizing what the GDA looks like up close.

The bad news is, no, it’s not a “right-wing conspiracy theory”–worse yet, it’s coming to our country like a tsunami.

The latest batch of Wikileaks documents gives us rock-solid proof that the Hillary campaign was and is fully aware of how devstating the GDA is, and yet, Hillary wants to double-down on the open borders madness by increasing the number of Middle Eastern refugees by 500% if she is elected.

Of course, this is not just Hillary’s pet idea. As Donald Trump declared so bravely in last night’s historic debate, Hillary Clinton is heavily funded by globalists, especially


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