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Connecticut: Jordanian Muslim student ‘intentionally’ crashes plane near major defense contractor in latest Islamic terror incident

Jordanian Muslim Feras M. Freitekh came to the United States on a temporary visa in 2012 to attend flight school. On Tuesday, October 12, he crashed a small aircraft into a utility pole in East Hartford, Connecticut, near Pratt & Whitney, a major defense contractor. While this story is still developing, new facts are coming out: the badly injured surviving passenger, who is a flight instructor, told the press that this crash was not an accident. Feras M. Freitekh himself died in the crash.

Though this might or might not be another case of mental illness or “Islamophobia,” it is important to note that the FBI is now involved in the case. They have since raided an apartment in Hartford where Freitekh lived, along with three other foreign nationals who are also studying to become pilots. It also remains unclear as to why Freitekh chose to come to the United States in the first place, as Jordan has one of the best air forces in the Middle East.


“Mayor: Pilot Tells Police That Plane Crash Was Intentional,” by Dave Collins, Associated Press, October 12, 2016:

The pilot of a small plane that crashed on a busy road near the headquarters of military jet-engine maker Pratt & Whitney, killing a passenger, told police detectives that the wreck was intentional, the mayor said Wednesday.

East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc told The Associated Press that the badly burned pilot told authorities the crash Tuesday was not an accident, but she cautioned that investigators have not confirmed that information.

“It’s troubling,” Leclerc said. “But I also know that stories change and information can be skewed. We’re


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