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Idiotic French President Hollande says France has a problem with Islam

Hollande opposed the [burqa] ban, and following the court ruling insisted that Islam could co-exist with Christianity and Judaism in France.

But privately he mused that in the future, a burka-clad woman could become the new symbol of France, saying: “The veiled woman of today will be the Marianne of tomorrow.”

The comment has prompted widespread alarm, with many publicly wondering whether Hollande is calling for Marianne to be veiled.

Hollande indeed is erratic in his comments, and also swinging from opposing the burqa ban to now commenting that France has a problem with Islam, and wildly “questioning the patriotism of football stars” of Middle Eastern descent, if indeed the accusation is true.

Yet Hollande’s seemingly bizarre fluctuations perhaps exposes the real confusion within, and among, politicians as they bounce from soliciting Muslim votes and being politically correct to confronting the real dilemma of dealing with public safety, accountability, and most of all, the specter of public reprisals for their failures. It has become a gambling match for politicians, trying to place their bet on which group they gauge might earn them more popularity, and it’s neither a simple nor a static calculation: is it the growing diverse Muslim population or is it the diverse masses, growing fed up with incompetent public servants who are willing to sacrifice their safety for votes?

France has been in turmoil over the role of Islam in the country in the last few months, with a number of French mayors implementing bans on burkinis in their region, a ban which was overturned by the French High Court.

The ban was overturned as a result of the media frenzy that copiously covered a helpless, targeted Muslim woman on the beach being bullied and humiliated by four policemen who “forced” her to remove her burkini right there on the


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