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Jewish Woman Who Survived Hitler Has A DIRE Warning For Americans About The Election – READ THIS CAREFULLY


When it gets near election time, I always like to go back and take a took at anything that could be considered historical and try to imagine myself being one of the people making the decisions at the time. I personally cannot imagine for example the tremendous weight that was on the shoulders of the founders when they decided to declare independence.

Kitty Werthmann was eleven years old when Adolf Hitler came to power, and something is now troubling her. She is speaking out because she wants to warn all Americans so that history does not repeat itself. Her prophetic warnings are about our upcoming presidential election, noting shocking parallels between what’s going on now and what happened in Nazi Germany.

Even though she was only eleven when Hitler was elected president by huge margins, she remembers it well and likens it to Barack Obama’s administration. Although Kitty is not a prophet, her warnings about the future of America are much like the prophetic warnings in the Old Testament that came true.

Kitty was interviewed on a Detroit radio station recently, and she thinks certain events may converge to stop the elections for a few weeks if it looks like Donald Trump will win. Kitty told the Detroit radio station:

“In 1938 right before the important election in March there was rioting and shootings and chaos much worse than even Ferguson or Baltimore.It was used as a pretext for



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