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Kerry: Don’t call the Islamic State “the Islamic State,” call it “the world’s most evil terrorist group” – it offends Muslims

“Their narrative is caliphate, we’ve taken territory, we’re the future of true Islam, and on you go. And you have to find a way to counter that that’s effective and I think we’ve gotten pretty good at it.”

Nonsense. Not only have they not gotten pretty good at it, but there is nothing they are worse at doing. Kerry’s remarks here show why. He thinks that to call the Islamic State something else, such as “the world’s most evil terrorist group,” will deprive it of legitimacy. But if the United States government refuses to call the Islamic State the Islamic State, that will not prevent a single Muslim from joining it, because young Muslims don’t look to the United States government to tell them what is legitimately Islamic and what isn’t. Nor will it prevent the Islamic State from invoking Islamic texts and teachings to justify its actions and make recruits among Muslims, and the U.S. government has done absolutely nothing to counter that, because it is determined to maintain the fiction that Islam is a religion of peace, and refuses even to admit that the Islamic State makes recruits in this way.


“Kerry: To Avoid ‘Islamic’ or ‘State,’ Call ISIS ‘World’s Most Evil Terrorist Group,’” by Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, October 11, 2016:

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested referring to ISIS as “the world’s most evil terrorist group” so as to not use the acronym references to “Islamic” or “State.”

Kerry noted at the Virtuous Circle Conference on Monday in Silicon Valley that he “rarely” uses the terms “ISIS” or “ISIL” at all.

“I’ve been on a lot of campaigns to get everybody to say “Daesh” because it’s a pejorative in Arabic — the initials — and I haven’t won that campaign at all,” he added.

“But it’s just — you kind of resort to the use of those letters because it refers to a state — it’s the Islamic State — and it’s not a state. There’s nothing legitimate about it. There’s nothing Islamic about it. It’s a complete misnomer. It’s their title and we shouldn’t use it and I feel that very strongly,” Kerry continued. “But it has gained — it’s the recognized term and if you want people to know what you’re talking about, unfortunately, sometimes you are forced to.”

He stressed that “it would


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