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Norway: Muslim father rapes daughter as punishment for being too Western

Honor killings are common in Islamic societies, and the practice has spilled over onto Western soil, but this report is exceptionally sickening: a young woman was raped by her father as a punishment for living a Western lifestyle:

The father has been angry because his daughter did not follow his (Islamic) way of life, she explained in questioning.

The idea, in a shame/honor culture, is to bring shame upon the daughter, who bears responsibility for the act, not the father. Where are the Western feminists who proclaim their “mission” of promoting equal rights for women? Women who can actually remain silent on such abuses of women in Islam are more focused on their own personal hatred of men than on caring about real cases of women who suffer atrocities.


“Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become ‘too Westernised’ living in Norway”, By Hannah Al-othman, UK Daily Mail, October 11, 2016:

A Muslim man in Norway has been detained for raping his daughter as a punishment after she became ‘too Western’.

The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home in the city of Fredrikstad.

Police prosecutors have said the daughter told officers she was raped by her father as a punishment for living a Western lifestyle.

Both the father


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