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WATCH: Hillary Staffer Doesn’t Know He’s on Camera… Okays the Unthinkable

A video released by Project Veritas Action revealed just how low some supporters of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would go, and it’s surprisingly low — even for Democrats.

The project wanted to see in particular how Clinton staffers would react to hearing that Republican voter registration cards had been destroyed, so a journalist from Project Veritas told Trevor LaFauci, Field Organizer at Florida Democrat Party, that’s exactly what he did. The reporter claimed to have torn up three Republican registration forms.

LaFauci hardly batted an eye at when he heard about the fraud.

LaFauci told the reporter that he was OK with him ripping up the cards, and he even reassured the journalist that he wouldn’t report the behavior.

Later, another journalist approached LaFauci and asked him if the Clinton Camp was OK with tearing up registration cards for Republicans but not Democrats. The reporter asked him about the comments he made earlier, to which LaFauci played dumb.

When the reporter told LaFauci he had a video of his admission, the Clinton staffer got quiet — and promptly left the building without saying


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