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BOMBSHELL, HE DIDN’T SAY IT: Anonymous Says Hillary Had Trump’s Tape From 2005 Doctored


On the day Wikileaks released another set of emails and just before the debate, a damaging video of Donald Trump saying vulgar things about women was released. However, an unlikely source is now questioning the recording and bringing to light some very interesting information.

A lot of questions have arose concerning the alleged recording of Trump objectifying women. Where has the video been for the last eleven years? Why didn’t it come out during the primaries instead of now? Why was it timed to supersede the damaging John Podesta emailsreleased by Wikileaks?

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective has a brilliant and logical theory that addresses all of these questions. They propose that the audio is doctored to make it more controversial and that the original was harmless. Who would remember locker room banter from over a decade ago?

According to an audio expert cited by Anonymous, single word swaps would be extremely simple and easily hid in the ancient source.

“For that, you have to match the cadence and depths,” the source said about adding whole sentences, “but you could do


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