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New Report Reveals That 77% Of The Judges Who Tried The Nazis Were In Fact Nazis Themselves Who Worked To Cover Up Nazi Crimes

By Theodore Shoebat

A recently published report reveals that 77% of the judges who tried the Nazis in Germany were themselves Nazis who were working to defend their fellow National Socialists and their crimes. I did a whole video on this news:

According to a report:

Germany’s post-World War Two justice ministry was infested with ex-Nazis hellbent on protecting their former comrades, according to a new official study released Monday.

Fully 77 per cent of senior ministry officials in 1957 were former members of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, a higher proportion even than during the 1933-45 Third Reich, the study found.

“We didn’t expect the figure to be this high,” said study co-author Christoph Safferling, who evaluated former ministry personnel files, speaking to the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

The fascist old-boys network closed ranks, enabling its members to shield each other from justice, the study found – helping to explain why so few Nazi war criminals ever went to prison.

“The Nazi-era lawyers went on to cover up old injustice rather than to uncover it and thereby created new injustice,” said Heiko Maas, Germany’s justice minister, who presented the report Monday.

Though the report only deals with ministry bureaucrats, it roughly matches figures for the wider


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