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WATCH – ‘Creepy’ Tim Kaine Ad Just Released, Trump Fans Are Spreading It Like WILDFIRE!


Right up until the vice presidential debate, many Americans – Democrat and Republican – thought Tim Kaine to be a pretty milquetoast kind of guy. No one knew much about him, so they simply assumed he was more on the benign side as politicians go. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A new video put out by the Republican National Committee highlights just what kind of person Tim Kaine is. Kaine asked America to look into someone’s passions if we want to know the person. Well, looking at the passions of Tim Kaine, we find that he advocates for some of the most vicious and coldhearted criminals the dark underworld has to offer.

It appears that at every turn the American public has to seek out the true inner personalities of progressives masquerading as Democrats. Each of them – from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, Al Gore to Tim Kaine – has a dark side to their personas that champions either the wicked or the greedy.

In Tim Kaine’s case, his secret persona has an affinity for murderers and rapists. The record shows that before and during his time in office, Kaine has sought to lessen hardships for people who have murdered and raped others. Maybe this is why he gets along with Hillary Clinton.

“When you want to know something about the character of someone in public life,” Kaine said, “look to see if they have a passion that began long before they were in office and that they have consistently held it throughout their career.”

Before he was a professional politician, Kaine did have a passion. He defended ruthless murders, trying to manipulate the judicial system


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