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WW3 RED ALERT: Russia and China join forces against US missile shield defenses in Europe and Asia


Russia and China joined forces yesterday as they vowed to confront American missile defence projects in Europe and Asia.

A Russian general accused Washington of building a Nato-operated missile shield in Europe to enable it to launch a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia or China. Lieutenant-General Viktor Poznikhir said that the United States would then use the shield to shoot down any retaliatory missiles.

Relations between Russia and the US have become fraught after a series of disputes over the conflict in Syria.

The lieutenant-general, speaking at a security conference in Beijing, said: “Russian military experts believe that the US hopes to gain the capability to strike any region of the world, including Russia and China, with nuclear-tipped missiles with impunity.”

The United States activated the first stage of its land-based missile defence system in Romania in May. Another stage of the missile shield project is being developed in Poland, and is expected to become operational in 2018.

The Kremlin has voiced its opposition to the shield, which it says poses a major threat to its national security. Washington has said that it is needed to protect the US and Europe from a nuclear attack by rogue states such as North Korea, and that it is not directed against Russia.

Major-General Cai Jun, of China, said that the European missile shield represented a “direct threat” to Russia. He added that Moscow and Beijing were both opposed to unilateral missile shields. The


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