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Germany: Police “sick” of citizens’ Muslim no-go zone fears – German citizens absolutely outraged

RESIDENTS of major German city Essen were left enraged after police and government officials ignored their no-go zone fears, saying they are “sick” of hearing about it.

Police have been so brutalized by Muslims that they have now turned their anger upon an innocent public needing help, because of their own fears of being victimized in executing their duties to protect the public from these barbarians.

Recall the story that “80% of Swedish police consider quitting over Muslim migrant danger.” This report is similar, but with slight differences:

1. German police would personally rather quit due to the dangers of jihadists, but they want to keep the money, and so they blame the victim to try to avoid dealing with the brutality of jihadists.

2. This report deals particularly with no-go zones, which should never exist in any Western nation.

Police in the UK (and political authorities) have already opted to cower to Muslim rape gangs rather than serve and protect the public according to their mandate. Likewise in Germany now, they are covering up what is happening, and woe be unto anyone who challenges their integrity for doing so:

German officials and police have long complained of a cover up of No-go zones within their precincts.

In 2011 former Chief Police commissioner Bernhard Witthaut said: “Every police commissioner and interior minister will deny it.

There is a pattern manifestly building in Western states of authorities are turning their backs on the public that pays for their services as they pusillanimously kowtow to jihadists.

No police officer should be facing bullying, threats and violence by jihadists, but covering it up is a neglect of duty that enables jihadists. In the long run, the threats and violence will increase.

Meanwhile, Israel has been teaching American police chiefs strategies on counter-terrorism. Perhaps the Western world needs to study Israel’s



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