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Hackers at #Anonymous Declare WAR on Hillary Clinton Campaign!


Oh boy.

It’s time to grab the popcorn and pull up a comfy chair, folks.

Recently, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski went on the hunt for damaging audio/video of Donald Trump’s appearances on the Howard Stern show. (Trump and Stern are friendly; Trump has appeared on the show numerous times and said some pretty disgusting things.) When the impish hacker community learned that Kaczynski was begging the internet for some easy material, the jokesters at /pol on 4Chan began inundating him with fake information. The thread (and the prank) were soon discovered by Kaczynski who complained about the activity… which only encouraged more trolling from 4Chan, including some hacks of Kaczynski’s email account. It was at this point that the liberal Hillary support group Correct the Record (CTR) got involved. CTR threatened to use an NSA style tool called FoxAcid to find and expose the leaders of Anonymous, 4Chan, Reddit, and other online groups.

The hacker world did not take the threat as it was intended because instead of cowing to Democrat pressure, the community exploded in anger and has now launched an all-out assault on the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Obama administration, and the crony media that is allowing their corruption to


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