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This former Muslim has a message for Obama, and you’ll be shocked to hear what it is

Brother Rachid, a well-known Morrocan television personaility is hiding all identifying details about himself. He has converted to Christianity and is identified by Islam as an infidel who should be killed. Islam, as he explains, is the religion of “peace”. That is, if you’re a religious Muslim…
Brother Rachid was born in Morocco to a well known imam, Islamic leader. He knew large portions of the Quoran by heart at an early age. And he has a message for Baraq Obama. He wants Obama to stop telling fairy tales. He wants Obama to understand that ISIL is based on Islam as are all radical Islamic terrorist groups. And he lists quite a few names…

“We have been brainwashedto hate all of you in our sacred texts, in our prayers, in our Friday sermons, in our educational systems…We were ready to join any group that would fight you and destroy you and make Islam the religioun of the whole world.”

Baraq may not be reading this, but


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