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Damning Leaks Prove That Obama Is at the Root of VOTER FRAUD!

Isn’t that interesting… one of the emails from John Podesta that WikiLeaks snagged is a smoking gun on Barack Obama’s voter fraud. In 2008 — according to Podesta — Obama forces flooded the caucuses in Colorado with ineligible voters. Then they protected them with an army of attorneys. This is a damning email. If they did that in Colorado, you can bet they did it all over the nation. This gives heavy credence to what many believe… Obama rigged the election for a second term and no one stopped him.

People who are connected to Clinton are looking to do the exact same thing. Per this Podesta email, even the Democrats knew there was massive voter fraud going on in 2008 and they were ticked… at least the ones supporting Hillary were. Now that Hillary is running, cheating is okay it would seem. In fact, she started rigging votes in and out of the States long ago, along with a massive propaganda campaign pushed by the media to get her elected.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Wikileaks has done an amazing job of revealing to the American people just how screwed up and corrupt our government really is, at all levels. The most recent revelation comes from the very top, and shows that Obama may have directed his supporters in Colorado to engage in a little all-American voter fraud.

In an email, John Podesta discussed his meeting to two Coloradans who made it clear that they wanted help in making sure that only legal and living people were allowed to vote in the 2015 caucuses.

These two individuals just happen to be tight with the Clinton campaign, and are concerned that there might be some improper conduct going on surrounding the caucus, and as we all know, if it’s not the Clintons who are cheating, nobody can cheat!


A local television station in Colorado uncovered that dead people have been voting there for years. I’m sure you will be surprised that the zombie vote i


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