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Look Where the Iranians Got the Money For Missile Attacks on US Ships – OBAMA HIMSELF


The Iran nuclear deal was an absolute disaster, and now leading members of Congress reportedly believe that a large part of the Obama administration’s $1.7 billion cash payment to Iran may have funded the attack on a U.S. Navy destroyer by Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Iran is believed to have used a large portion of the $1.7 billion, suspected to have been paid by the United States as part of a ransom to free U.S. hostages, to fund its global terror operation and strengthen its military, according to conversations with lawmakers who told the Washington Free Beacon that U.S. taxpayer funds are likely being used to sponsor attacks on American military forces.

The weekend attack on the U.S. Navy by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels has sparked another official inquiry surrounding the cash payment to Iran, with a group of 17 senators now seeking to obtain an official assessment by the Pentagon of how Iran has allocated this cash to its military operations.

Over the past few weeks, senior Pentagon officials have made it known that the Obama administration did not inform theme of the cash payment to Iran.

Many in the U.S. Defense establishment reportedly believe that the huge sum of money the Obama administration paid to Iran will be used by the state sponsor of terror to destabilize the Middle East.

On Tuesday, 17 senators sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford in which they request that the military actions of Iran, which have increased after the cash infusion, be detailed.

According to a copy of the letter obtained by the Free Beacon, the senators want to know if there is a “correlation between the increased financial resources now available to Iran and the increase in its belligerent activities.”

“The plain purpose of transferring the payment in cash to Tehran was to circumvent the effects of U.S. and international financial sanctions,” the senators wrote in the letter:

Iran is almost certainly using this windfall to skirt the arms embargo and illicitly purchase weapons for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard


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