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UK IN SHOCK: Muslim former Conservative Party candidate says “Those who insult Islam must die”

“Mr Sadruddin said that his speeches did not incite hatred, there was no intention to promote violence and he had specifically said ‘our jihad will be non-violent.’”

Yes, the effort to conquer and Islamize Britain by non-violent means is going great. No need to change tactics now.

“A Conservative spokesman said: ‘He is no longer a member of the party.’”

Great, but he represents the wave of the future, thanks to policies the Conservative Party has implemented for years. It is already de facto illegal to insult Islam in Britain, as per Sharia blasphemy laws. Criminalization and application of the death penalty for the offense will come sooner than anyone imagines.

Britain is finished.


“‘Those who insult Islam MUST DIE’, shocking undercover footage of former Tory candidate,” by Katie Mansfield, Express, October 13, 2016:

PEOPLE who insult Islam should be put to death, a former Conservative council candidate declared in a shocking rant due to be aired on TV tonight.

Mufti Shah Sadruddin, a senior Muslim scholar, made the comments in 2013 and they have now been uncovered by a new ITV documentary.

The documentary shows Mr Sadruddin, a leading religious figure in the Jamaat-e-Ulama UK, or Council of Muslim Scholars in the UK, and in the British Bangladeshi community, criticising atheists who he said had insulted Islam, in particular a Bangladeshi blogger.

Mr Sadruddin, who now runs the Al-Ashraaf Secondary School in Ilford, said: “He said: “He is a bastard, a traitor and a shameless person. Child of a hypocrite, he swore at my Prophet.

“This son of a bastard is challenging us!

“O’ Bangla’s scholars, O’ Bangla’s Muslims, wake up. No son of a bastard will remain alive after swearing at my Prophet!”

The comments were made at a rally held in the wake of the death of another Bangladeshi blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider, who made jokes about Islamic beliefs and took part in protests calling for the execution of convicted Islamist war criminals.

At similar rallies in Bangladesh


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