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VIDEO: Muslim Migrants Sell/Rent Refugee Women for $10 in Germany


How long before they are selling and gang-raping young German girls, the way the UK Muslim gangs traffic in young British tweens?

Here’s a translation (thanks to Faustina).

(With) close quarters, boredom and hopelessness in German refugee camps it is leading more and more to violence among those who were actually trying to flee from violence. In the meantime even sexual attacks have become commonplace daily events. The most recent struggles preoccupy the police forces in Braunschweig and Hamburg. The reasons seemingly harmless however the consequences are all the more dramatic, says Policeman Steffen Schwarzkopf.
The violent outbreak has been documented by cell phone video at the initial refugee receiving camp Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg. Dozens of refugees from Albania and Afghanistan took to beating each other severely and many had weapons. There were injuries and a number of arrests.

Note – not “Syria war refugees.:

“They were fighting with one another then, and some had knives and one even said he had a gun. Others started throwing the iron bed posts at each other.”

Massive fights in religious and ethnic conflicts are occurring ever more. Example in Brandenburg…nearly 100 cases within exactly three months. The politicians make light of the problem, says the police trade union.

Rainer Wendt, German Police Trade Union “In politics it is frequently portrayed as being a squabble over the left over food


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