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BOMBSHELL: Egypt President Nasser’s son in-law was an Israeli agent who helped wIn the lost war


Cairo: Forty-three years after the 1973 war between Egypt, Syria and Israel, a new book by Israeli author Uri Bar-Joseph provides details on one of the most intriguing spy cases in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict that is still being debated today.

Bar-Joseph tells the story of one of Israel’s most senior and prolific Egyptian spies during the period of the Yom Kippur War, whose proximity to power and decision-making in Egypt before and after the war made him a “once in a generation” kind of spy that Israel could not afford to lose or pass up.

Egyptian spy Ashraf Marwan died mysteriously in 2007 when he fell from his London apartment, the cause of his fall has never been determined yet.

In his past, he was a key factor that enabled Israel to turn its initial defeat into victory in 1973, on both the Egyptian and Syrian fronts. The narrative Bar-Joseph’s builds clearly shows Marwan as Mossad’s hero and a prized intelligence asset, but also emphasises to his own country Marwan was nevertheless a traitor – a man who sold secrets to the enemy in a time of war.

Although Marwan, code named “Angel”, only alerted the Mossad 24 hours before the Arab armies’ surprise attack began, his previous information on the Egyptian military’s war planning and leadership deliberations made Egypt “transparent” to Israel at the time of war.

Bar-Joseph addresses the key question that for decades has haunted the intelligence community as much as the public about Marwan’s case.

Why did a trusted Mossad spy – receiving between $50,000-$100,000 every time he supplied his information, once or twice a month, in addition to bonuses and gifts – only inform his handlers about the impending attack 24 hours before it began? Why not a few days or a week before the war?

Bar-Joseph says Marwan found out about the attack purely by chance – deducing it from information he gleaned while abroad in London. Only then did Marwan make frantic calls to the Mossad demanding to meet its chief personally, as he had done before, to warn him about the upcoming war.

Bar-Joseph methodically debunks the theory that Marwan was a double agent who only chose to inform


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