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MUSLIMS CRY ISLAMOPHOBIA: Italy only has 8 mosques for it’s 1.6 million Muslims – refuse to build more


With over 1.6 million Muslims, Italy is home to the fourth largest Muslim population in Europe, yet it has only eight mosques.

France and the United Kingdom (UK), which have a Muslim population over twice as much as Italy, have 2,200 and 1,500 mosques, respectively. Whereas Italy has a total of eight mosques which have elements like a minaret and an area solely dedicated to prayer.

On the other hand, according to a social science researcher and author ofMosques of Italy, Maria Bombardieri, Muslims in Italy have about 800 cultural centres and informal prayer rooms, usually in garages, basements and warehouses which they use for various religious and cultural purposes.

This shortage of actual mosques is due to many reasons, one being that Italy does not officially recognise Islam as a religion. Thus, meaning that these eight mosques do not receive protection by the state like other places of worship do. Further, they do not have permission to open schools or access public fundinע


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