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United Nations Proposes Attack Plan On Israel – Erase The Jewish State

This figures. The United Nations has come up with a new, nifty resolution called “Occupied Palestine.” Guess what it proposes? It tries to strip Israel of her sovereignty and erases her ties to the holy city of Jerusalem. This quaint, anti-Semitic plan was put forth by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan. All Muslim nations. Which makes sense, because a big part of the UN is now controlled by Islamists who hate Jews.

The Muslims want to tear Israel apart and divvy her up between themselves. Oh, and kill all the Jews of course. The UN farce of a proposal “strongly condemns the Israeli escalating aggressions and illegal measures against the Waqf Department and its personnel, and against the freedom of worship and Muslims’ access to their Holy Site Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al Sharif, and requests Israel, the Occupying Power, to respect the historic Status Quo and to immediately stop these measures.” It conveniently leaves out the Jewish name for the Temple Mount and only refers to it by its Islamic name – Al-Haram Al Sharif. Nice, huh?


From The Federalist Papers Project:

A newly proposed UNESCO resolution, called “Occupied Palestine,” continues the long running anti-Israel sentiment so common with the international liberals at the United Nations.

Themes dear to the heart of the United Nations, such as delegitimizing Israel’s sovereignty and denying Israeli historical ties to Jerusalem, are at the heart of the new proposal, submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan.

From Powerline:

Many of the member nations of the U.N. are engaged in a long-term project to delegitimize Israel, with the object of turning that country over to the surrounding Arabs and, presumably, driving out or killing the Jews who now live there. The latest phase of this effort is a proposed UNESCO resolution that attacks Israel on various grounds–nothing new there–and, most notably, implicitly denies the connection between Jews and Temple Mount, or Jerusalem.

We should divest from the UN. It is ruled by despots, communists and Islamists. In other words, every uber evil asshat on the planet calls the UN home. Why do you think Obama wants to nest over there? Israel is the good guy here… always has been. That’s why the UN hates them. They aren’t Muslim and they aren’t corrupt. So they become the one to blame for the ills of all the world. It happens


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