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Scientists Baffled By Mysterious Gold-Plated Artifact Unearthed In Jerusalem


A 17.5-pound gold-plated object has been found in a Jerusalem cemetery, but Israeli officials ware unsure if it is an ancient temple treasure or hidden modern loot.

Officials at the Israel Antiquities Authority ware at their wits end trying to identify the strange artifact recently unearthed in a Jerusalem cemetery, and on Tuesday requested the public’s help in discovering the true nature of the gilded artifact. Soon after, their efforts paid off, and commentators on Haaretz’s Hebrew Facebook page were quick to supply an answer.

Weighing in at 17.6 pounds, the gold-plated, football-shaped object is embedded with deep grooves and seems to have handles on both ends. It was discovered in an old building by the groundskeeper of a Jerusalem cemetery who, unsure of his discovery, called in the police, who in turn alerted sappers, who conducted a controlled explosion, after which the object was unearthed.

Officials said they were not even certain the object is ancient, and their gut was right, as users pointed out, the object is a new age talisman called an the “Weber Isis Beamer harmonizers” and sold online for up to 120 euro, Israel Antiquities Authority confirmed.

Some researchers believe there are treasures from the Jewish temples hidden throughout Jerusalem’s western Valley


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