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‘Soon this town will explode’ German mayor says Muslim refugees are putting Germany’s future at risk

THE mayor of the picturesque German ski town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen has penned a letter to the government of Bavaria saying refugees in her town are out of hand and she fears for the future.


The letter by centre-left SPD mayor Dr. Sigrid Meierhofer to Maria Els, vice president of the government of Upper Bavaria, talks of an “explosive situation”.

It was leaked to the local newspaper and is part warning, part cry for help.

“There has been an increasingly worsening situation in recent weeks around the registration centre Abrams,” wrote the mayor.

Frau Meierhofer went on to argue that if no help was forthcoming in helping to defuse the situation the centre for 250 people could not continue operating.

Around 150 of the residents are Africans, 80 percent of them unaccompanied young men. In the previous year it was mostly occupied by Syrian families. Mayor Meierhofer makes it plain that the current occupiers of the building have become “problematic” with frequent clashes. The mayor added that she is increasingly concerned about “public order and security.”

Curfews on migrants entering certain areas, like the spa park in town, have been implemented in the past few weeks.

Police officers have responded to more incidents in the past six weeks in and around the centre


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